Judit Vázsonyi

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Judit Vázsonyi Biography

Poetry is freedom. Freedom of feeling, freedom of expression, freedom of belonging.
I often pay attention to myself when an artwork beats my heart, puts a smile or tears on my face, excites me, gives me inspiration, unleashes the depths of my soul and enables me to create. They are bringing me to life.

Judit Vázsonyi Poems

Song Of The Tree Rings

She composed a lullaby
from frost, rain, rising sun, and wind,
as the birds flew high,
as the squirrels were chasing.

In Me

I got home quickly today, there was quite little traffic.
I didn't tell you, so here are some words, they are graphic,
Just a drawing of the time I was there with you.
/It's standing in front of my house, I can see you in the yew./

Distance 1

The days are just running out and
the man's arm still doesn't hug me.
There is no reality, there is nothing
what mine, that is only a movie.

Distance 2


Nyitott ajtókon nem kopog,
Nem zörget kitárt ablakon,

Distance 3

Távolság /3./
Mondd szerelmem, bízol bennem?
Elmegyek, ha el kell mennem.
Nem zárul rád a két karom

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