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I am a trained Ballet Dancer and teacher, I now teach English as a second language. I have lived in Malaysia, Germany, Italy, Canada and the UK. I speak English and Italian an can hold my own in French, Spanish and German. I love to read and my tastes are eclectic and varied. My partner is a published poet.

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Arrival on time, waiting for hours, custody dealt with first.
The docket full to overflowing, the impatience palatable.
Time sluggishly passing, discontent floats like a miasma, through the throng of humanity.


I watch the pain you feel
when you have the need to feed your craving.
It hurts me as much as it hurts you
every tremble, every shake and every cramp


The afternoon was hot and humid
the day we first set eyes on each other.
He bare-chested bent over
swinging his traditional sickle to tame

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