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Beautiful you, beautiful me,
Beautiful us,

Every time we walk there

i hope that you well get by.
i hope that you well love me.
i hope that you and i are happy.
i hope that the day well come when we meet again.

what if i had a weird looking face?
would you still love me even if everyone thinks I'm weird?
what if i acted like a dog and not a person?
would you still love me even if people make fun of me?

sitting here without you next to me, hurts me.
worrying if you still care.
if you still love me
not being with you

why does life have to be this way?
when we got here it was amazing.
why do we have to leave?
can't you see we need to be here?

you step right in and saved me for my fight.
i never thought the lord would send me my beautiful angel.
but here u are fight here with me
you keep me alive and going.

She links in the shadows… never letting go…

She hungers for me… the prey…

My heart doesn't lie, it always tells the truth.
My heart hurts from everyone i trust breaking it and causing it pain.
My heart loves the one who you hate.
My heart hates the one who you love.

i try to be good.
try to fit in.
try to hid in the crowed.
try to be someone I'm not so people will like me.

you think you know someone so good
think they won't hurt you.
think they would always be there
they say they will but its not true

when you sit there and say nothing at all
i worried what your thinking
afraid you hate me for what i said
afraid your going to leave

lord! here i stand trying to understand
why someone so perfect would want
someone who not perfect at all
am standing here never going to give up

i wish i had understand of you.
wish i know what we are.
are we dating or are we just friends who hoop up every night?
wish i know how you feel about me

you were my mom's drug.
you cape her alive and made sure she toke care of her kids.
you were also everything to us kids, and now you're gone.
summer doesn't have a mom.

i just can't take it anymore!
you know i've had it up to here
with the way you bring me down
you're calling quwstion to my heart

To cut to show what going on inside.
To fall for someone fasted.
To be outgoing.
To not listen to my parents.

I'm so sick
of everyone wanting me to do everything
I'm so sick
of people massing with my heart.

For you-
I will stay up all night.

For you-

I'm sitting thanking about you.
don't know what to believe
did you lie to me?
i don't know

i need you
you are my best friend
i don't think i can live without you
you keep me strong

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i'm 17 i love write poem and i hope everyone loves them i'm outgoing and love to meet new people. i love playing football and v-ball i sing songs i was ripped when i was 6 so trusting people is hard for me sometimes and i wish i could trust more)

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Beautiful (4/14/2010)

Beautiful you, beautiful me,
Beautiful us,

Every time we walk there
Always a beautiful sun.

We have a beautiful daughter,
Beautiful house.

Everyone see us as
Beautiful people.

I never thought I would be with a
Beautiful man.

It a beautiful day please won’t
You stay my beautiful man.

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