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Well hey everyone, there's not really a lot about me I have one sister she's 17, and one brother he's 13.I love them to death.But sadly I only live with my parents and brother not my sister! I love my friends and family especialy my babe Joseph<3....I was born in Arizona and I'm 14 born May 24,1995..I'm in high school as a freshman It's not fun but hey got to look in to the future...lol well that's all I got for now!

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My Love

My love there is a special place in my heart
That only you can touch a place where
Only I can go and feel you close
During the day I think of you
I see your smile hear your voice
And in my thoughts you appear
Lovingly the way we love one another
Its harder to stay apart that's
Why even though I can't have you
In my arm's I have you in my heart

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Julia S. Martinez Popularity

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