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Hey, I'm Laura Juliet. I am alone. I am not content with it. But that's what nights like these are for.
Empty. I want to cry. But I can't. Agonizing.

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Too Many Questions

How do I motivate my character, if character is absent?
How am I supposed to be self dependent, if I feel hollow?
How am I supposed to thrive, if I cannot crawl?
How do I hang on, if I already let go?
How do I find love, if I cannot find myself? ?

Who do I talk to?
Who do I tell about my problems?
Who is listening?
Who dreams of me?
Who is it that I dream of?
Who is who?
Who is loving me? ?

Why have I not met you yet?
Why am I alone?
Why am I empty?
Why does it matter?
Why does anything matter?
Why is my best friend not human?
Why are my tears invisible?
Why has life come to this?
Why do I not feel loved? ?

Where is my sister?
Where is my dog?
Where are my once best friends?
Where am I?
Where do I look for love? ?

How do I thrive?
Who will help me?
Why does my heart ache?
Where is the light?
When will I know? ?

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Juliet Hope Popularity

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