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Written by Tulip

Pure is my heart,
And flawless
Like a clean stream
in the valley.

Reject Doomsday
- A rumor has no edge, but it can kill; a proverb has no flower but it can cure soul.
- Inscription


An old acacia tree
With mottled trunks
Is still flouring with braches and leaves
The water nurtures her heart

Feeding one with poetry

At night when a light sketched by adept pen

Her value -
Already exists in your internal body
Her meaning -
Is to gradually release for you

A train ticket
From a successful booking
To change, and finally to return
The psychological suffering undergone

Afar swam geese I stare to fly,
Look over the vast sky.
The swift mist past to the far,
My eyes get blurred apart.

It compresses the globe

Into a small piece of rectangular card


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Seven Word Poem: Tulip

Spring breeze drunken in thousands of cups of wine,
When waking up only the tulips appear at sight.
The flowers bloom sweetly with their slim waists,
Moon-drips-pearls sprinkle on the petals of jade.

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