Julius Babarinsa

Julius Babarinsa Poems

1. Mysteries Of Life 3/11/2005
2. Duality Of The Universe 4/15/2005
3. Not All Will Be Mr. President 4/2/2005
4. What Will You Be Remembered For? 6/3/2005
5. Leaders And The Followers 6/22/2005
6. What Is Your Sign? 1/5/2005
7. Life And Death 6/8/2006
8. What Is Metaphysics? 7/17/2006
9. Natural Powers Of Human Beings 7/22/2006
10. Is Your Future In Your Hands? 9/17/2006
11. Just Imagine A New Society! 10/15/2006
12. Is The Fault In Us Or In The Stars? [ 2 ] 9/26/2007
13. Can We See The Future Today? [part 1] 7/13/2008
14. Can We See The Future Today? [part 2] 8/9/2008
15. Can We See The Future Today? [part 4] 8/17/2008
16. Is The Fault In Us Or In The Stars? [ 1 ] 3/3/2007
17. Written And Unwritten Rules 3/24/2005
18. Why You Should Celebrate! 12/29/2004
19. What Is Your Problem? 6/17/2005
20. Do You Know Who You Are? 2/4/2005
21. Can We See The Future Today? [part 3] 8/16/2008
22. What Are You Afraid Of? 1/1/2005
23. Just Imagine............... 6/24/2005
24. Are We Puppets Been Manipulated By The Stars? 7/18/2006
25. If You Could Turn Back The Clock 2/22/2007
26. On Keeping Promises 2/26/2005
27. Making The World A Better Place! 12/27/2004
28. Are You A Good Or A Bad Person? 2/18/2005
29. What Do You Really Believe? 6/27/2005
30. Human Existence On Earth 4/8/2005
31. Are You Married Or Single? 1/22/2005
32. Do You Have Power? 1/2/2005
33. In Praise Of Teachers 6/20/2005
34. In Praise Of Parents! 6/14/2005
35. What Do You Dream About? 12/31/2004
36. Oh! My Mama, Happy Mother's Day! 5/10/2006
37. Writing About - Hope 5/21/2006
38. What Can Make You Happy? 3/3/2005
39. Power Conferred By Money 12/28/2004
40. Are You A Good Husband? 1/6/2005

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  • Samuel Nze (1/22/2005 1:19:00 PM)

    This Babarinsa boy is too pedantic!

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Best Poem of Julius Babarinsa

Who Is Your Best Friend?

Everybody needs friends, we all have friends
Some friends are closer to us than our families
If we happen to fall, there are friends to pick us up
What will our life be without friends?
There are many categories of friendship
There are casual friends, bad friends and good friends
The question here is – who is your best friend?
Friends who can turn your tears into laughter
Is your wife your best friend?
I mean the friend you go to
When you need honest advice
Is your husband your best friend?
I mean the friend who knows you
More than you know ...

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Duality Of The Universe

Have you ever wondered why all things have their opposite?
In philosophical terminology and language
It is called the duality of the universe
Whatever exists in the universe must have opposite
There is heaven and there is hell
There is angel and there is devil
There is light and there is darkness
There is good and there is evil
There is day and there is night

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