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I Miss You

I don't miss you, so i thought
Faded images of memories is all i got,
When you left, it did not feel right
When in darkness, i missed the light,


I can be a fool, when i think i am wise
I can be full, by just eating with my eyes
I can go to school, but to work is to improvise
I can be a fool, seeking for advice

When It Hurts.....

Its hurts when, to the ones you give don't give you.
But if you concentrate on the pain
then those who give you will recieve nothing from you,
So give, forget, forgive

M. O. T. H. E. R

A woman, is a mother
a mother is a woman,
if you abuse a woman,
you abuse a mother

V. O. I. C. E.

Speak your heart,
speak your mind,
save a soul,
save a life


Am not afraid, Am cautious..
Am not worried, I just care.

Am not pissed, Am disappointed

A. L. C. O. H. O. L. I. S. M

I lost someone to alcohol,
With every sip,
Our bond lost grip,
To even hold hands.

R. A. I. N. B. O. W.

Friendship is like a rainbow
Protecting each other from the RED flags
When life is like a bitter ORANGE we leave it and go for Avocado
Our smiles are as bright as YELLOW

Dear Woman..He Knows

Dig deep, find your worth

Discover your value,


I have been thinking about a thoughtful thought,
that is making me think further into this thought,
that makes me think that he is also thinking about the same thing am thinking.
but clearly he only had one thought that didn't align with my thought,

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