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money money money
that the thing u don't have..
Ethics Ethics Ethics
you have it in few quantity..

it's all i think a bout..
can't get it out.. so hard to resist..
resist the urge to slit my wrist..
wishing if had a gun..! !

You are the only one who understood me
you are the only one who accepted to be my sister
you are the only one I trusted and believed in you
You are the only one who caused a smile on my face

i am lonely now..
no one to hear my voice..
no one feel the pain inside my heart..
i cried a long time but no one asked me what is wrong

Today i was about to lose you my only person in this life my only hero for now..
I forgive you for everything you have done I doubt that you are hurt and sad it's me I caused all these wounds..
I feel so ashamed you may hate me now for what have i done for you..
I don't have any one else to believe in..

I need a mother who would love me..
I need a mother who would take care of me..
I need a mother who would understand me..
I need a mother for who I am?

I wish if she feel me..
I have been changed lately..
Its all bc what i been through..
I can't take this life any more..

When I cry you help me out
When I'm happy you hear me shout
When I grin you know I'm really mad
because you are my best friend

i give u my heart u give me pain..
i give u my life u give me more pain..
what should i do...
u make me feel insane about the pain u give it to me..

i have learned a lesson..

nothing can stop in your way if you Insist to do it... :)

You must be dead
and i want to kill you.. and drink your blood..
your life must be end..
your time's over..


Poems poems poems..
the thing i like in my life..
Danger danger danger..
i tried to keep my self away from it..

you are far a way.. i can't find you u or feel in your hands..
you left me and walked a way..
Never felt me.. hurting my feelings..
even you don't have a one..

Running out of ways to realease the pain..
Until it crossed my mind..
The pain was so strong i couldnt think straight..
I just wanted something to make it stop..

the room is dark
you can hear a voice
a voice whimpering and gasping for air
as you walk deeper into the room


I hang my head in my burning palms,
tears sting against my soul, searching
for the calm. Heartaches like never
before, broken, so lonely and torn.

The darkness surrounds me
All light has been extinguished..
I lie on my bed and think of the past Of the people I have known..
When I was young I was so happy


I've been sitting here in the dark feeling sorry for myself,
And only your love will help.
Only your warm embrace will rid me of my pain.
Only seeing you smile will stop me from going insane.


I let the darkness take control over me.
I let the words tare me apart.
No one cared when my arms looked mangled.
No one cared when I thought terrible thoughts.

My time will come around
When all will put me down
Then I will not be found
And then there will be no sound.

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Now What..! !

money money money
that the thing u don't have..
Ethics Ethics Ethics
you have it in few quantity..
hit hit hit
u already did it to me..
love love love
the thing u don't have it..
u keep your self in the hate place u never change u can try but u don't wont to u r lazy i know u love your life as u wont
i am here too can i change my life to live my own life... i wont to be something known.. i need to be spoiled girl..
I NEED TO LIVE MY OWN LIFE..as u doing..
...........there is NO love in this world.....

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