Justin P. Malady

(Watertown, New York)

Justin P. Malady Poems

1. Squirrels In Play 1/2/2003
2. Love Is A Robin 1/2/2003
3. Christmas Memories 1/2/2003

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Squirrels In Play

Below the beckoning Beech Nut tree
The squirrels in pleasure play;
Each a member of that kinship
Gathering forage while they may.

Gregarious in their pleasure
As they patter here and there
Filling cheeks with beech nuts
With a squirrelish flair.

Up and down the Beech Nut tree
They chase in shadowy delight
For pleasure or picking rights
They engage in playful fights.

They scold and chatter as they play
As warning or from fright;
One can never humor them
They will chase away from sight.

Sit and watch them by the ...

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