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My Mind As A Poem

It seems its with ease we get bored,
on Mondays we mourn.
You go to school and get teased
because your Broad.

Whoa! Lunch time is over,
went by pretty fast
but i gotta keep walking
move on to my next class.

So now im in class waiting
for the teacher un-blissfully
He enters and says, Out to the grass
were gonna learn about History!

They say its from the past
so we have to listen carefully;
From South Africa's black hating times
To these inspirational Rhymes.

Catch myself reminiscing the days
the west kicked my people,
now it aint about slavery
cause of Mandela's bravery
Martin Luther's strength to carry me

hold me tight, make me
believe all this racial
prejudice is gonna be gone
with the wind,
like a forgiven sin

The sun shine bright
My mom holds me tight.
For I am three years old
a heart of pure gold.

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