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i'm a black poetess.

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I Wish I Could Hold Your Hand (For My Boyfriend)

i wish i could hold your hand
i wish i could interlock your fingers between mine
that's how bad i miss you
we haven't seen each other in a while
and i have held so many hands, so many multiple ten fingers
and plenty of thoughts of you
i am countless, i am seeing your face
again in my head
i wonder if you wish you could hold mine, too
cos of long, long days
we were busy
running around
i feel like our love is like we can't untied a hard knot
long, long nights
we dreamed and let our tears wash a thousand stars away
my heart skips a silent beat
and i could hear you softly murmurs in my head
I love you
i feel you all around me
in every part of my heart
when we are departed, and not holdng hands,
i held my empty hand and interlock my own brown fingers
until we come back around in time
then the two of us could hold hands again
© Kai C.

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