What is Hunger,
Sated by a few numeral returns,
Lo, what of this fiery hunger,
Shooting up from the abysmal depths of me,

Strands of yet wet hair frame your beauty magnified.
Your nose stud winks a flash in the mirror at me.
The tender youthful bloom rushes out from the coconut grove
Only to fuse with your body.

“Seven minutes to go! ” alerted my great friend-

Suddenly I became jittery – Is all over for me on this planet.
My God! - not much time spent happily!

Dad is only a baggage
Whom sons carry in their shoes
Waiting to be abandoned any where on the road
And, if not, in the deep red sea.

Man! She says she loves you
But she will never toe your line!

Enjoy your tranquility all the time;
Do not ever miss it!

Nothing is lost

Where is freedom my dear! where is freedom in the world?

Can you be free from emotions and joy,
Can you be free from guilt and Jealousy,

No body wants to know about any body else
No one wants to learn from others experience
No learning habits developed

To become angry is an endowed skill
Not everybody gets angry
To become angry is a God given gift!

Between birth and death
my life has become
a moving flag post
with quite confusing objectives

I am different and unique
Dont suggest me any thing
I know every thing
I have smart phone with google search and GPS

After so many years of strife-filled
and real hard and difficult life
all of a sudden the reality dawned
on my mind -

Life some times really sucks, but soon it blooms again.
You are a piece of dead wood which you will not agree
Until you approach your grave, one day or the other.

At the far end of my life
I feel so disturbed
That I would like to jump into deep sea
And get drowned.


Into The Originic Orion

What is Hunger,
Sated by a few numeral returns,
Lo, what of this fiery hunger,
Shooting up from the abysmal depths of me,
a cyclone gathering over the seas.

To atone it,
How many deep dreams I unveiled,
How many islands of fire I installed,
While melting like a star
Gazing into the eyes of the moon,
While resolving the knotty riddles of thought,
Amidst the gentle waves of a cool breeze,
While relaxing from weariness of wants,
Reclining on the glaciers,
Again, and time and again,
It keeps appearing.

How many sunrises, how many new moons,
I witnessed
Lying on iris on the beach.
How many notes of music I cultivated,
How much of radiance I have absorbed,
What blazes I fanned
Around me,
Affixing my signatures
On the brink of a moment
In between my breaths,
How many bouncing dawns
Breaking over the oceans,
I merged in my deeper depths.

That is the power
Generating heat even on the icy mount,
That is the blazing lava,
Emitted by erupting volcano.

That is the magical epic
Every letter lucent with halo of poetry,
That is the endless cascade,
Secretly gushing into my heart
through the nerves deep within me.
The blood of how many bodies
Should be offered up in sacrifice,
Biographies of how many birth places
Should be penned.

How should I cremate this fire of hunger,
Into how many channels of birth,
On every flower plant in the green,
We don’t hear any inviting voice,
from any body.

No picture seems to flow into us.

In this affectionless realm,
All should keep rolling
Between the boulders,
In spite of bleeding wounds all over the body,
No feeling sinks into us.
We see only rocks all around.




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