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1. As Time Will Tell, I Wish Us Well. 8/30/2007
2. The Catastrophe Of Misspent Hope 8/30/2007
3. Callings Of A Wanting Heart 9/7/2007
4. Depression Grips The Ones I Love 9/12/2007
5. The Remnants Of War 9/19/2007
6. Searching The Soul Of A Stranger 10/1/2007
7. Fighting The Darkness 10/28/2007
8. The Loveliest Song Ever Heard 10/29/2007
9. He Walked Me Home 10/31/2007
10. A Member Of The Innocent 11/3/2007
11. A Midmorning Heartbreak 11/15/2007
12. Ode To A Hazelnut 11/15/2007
13. The Flesh Will Echo Its Hateful Words 11/26/2007
14. The Lung Capacity Of A Soul 11/26/2007
15. A Yellow Moon Hung Low Will Only Tell The Tale 11/29/2007
16. Ode To A Black Heart 11/30/2007
17. These Lines Make Liars Out Of Lies 12/15/2007
18. The Vibrance Of A Lily 12/28/2007
19. Once Upon A Dream 1/3/2008
20. The Gentle Whisper Of A Broken Soul. 1/7/2008
21. Upon A Cold Winter's Night 1/8/2008
22. So I Write These Lines For Anyone Who Has Ever Come Out Lost. 1/10/2008
23. Odd Musings Of An Impatient Heart 1/13/2008
24. It Is You, Sweet Sunshine, That Keeps My Heart Content 1/28/2008
25. The Invisibility Of Silence 2/4/2008
26. Flying On False Hopes 2/6/2008
27. From The Mouth Of A Hopeless Romantic 2/6/2008
28. I Aspire. 2/16/2008
29. And So On Burns The Romance. 2/25/2008
30. A Solitary Heart. 2/29/2008
31. We Sail Upon A Sea Of Hopes 3/7/2008
32. As Memories Fade 3/11/2008
33. I Believe. 5/9/2008
34. If Only Sight Could See. 9/8/2008
35. I Would Like To Meet Him. 9/8/2008
36. On Quiet Nights. 11/15/2008
37. A Soldier’s Return. 12/8/2008
38. The Remnants Of Love - Ode To Aretta Belle 4/16/2009
39. And Dawn Brings More Than Just The Morning Light. 6/11/2009
40. Gaslight District 8/30/2007

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As We Bask In Sorrow

While recently having a conversation with a friend, we discussed 'basking in sorrow, ' which by definition, is an oxymoron.. bask meaning to take great pleasure or satisfaction; and sorrow meaning loss or despair.
It is possible to bask in sorrow. While for one reason or another, sadness consumes you, at the same time you could be quite happy. For example; I am naturally a happy person. Therefor while I may feel constant sadness about a certain situation, I may still be basking; or somewhat happy. (smiling, laughing, having a good time)
Many people have a sadness inside them ...

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A Member Of The Innocent

The innocence is broken, a new understanding of the world and surroundings.
A sad story and a sad outcome. A smiling face, A caring heart left over in the wake of this monumental horror. My heart breaks as i relive this story throughout the days. A poor, innocent soul, now tainted by the pain and hurt that no person should ever have to experience. I worry for this. A strange calm upon a person so wounded. Again my heart breaks in two.

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