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I thought we've could of last,
but we, ve grown apart.
We were two kids once inlove,
but now we are two kids drained out of love.


Its dark.
Its cold.
Its scary.
Im alone.

I love you Josh.
I want you Josh.
I need you Josh.
I adore you Josh.

Why does it hurt so much?
Why do i cry?
Why is there pain in my heart?
Why does he lie?

When i get sad
I want to cry.

When i get sad

Mexico is where she is now.
And I wish she could just come back.
Goofing around was our thing.
Getting introuble was another.

Im crying!
Somebody please!
Help me!

I'm just a girl.
A girl who needs somebody.
A girl who cries out for help.
A girl who looses her temper.

I had a flash back today.
It was about us.
I couldn't stop myself from crying.
I got so emotional, that


Why is it that you say you love me,
When you really don't?
Why do you have to lie
Instead of just saying the truth?

I will no longer wait
for this love to be.
I gave you my love and I gave you my trust.
I trusted you to take very good care of my heart.


What the point of love
if all it does is hurt you
in the end?
Guys don't know how girls feel!

Somebody tell me you care.
Somebody tell me you need me.
Somebody tell me im special.
Somebody tell me im beautiful.

He told me, if i were ever to get sad again, to write it all out.
So i am.
Why is it so difficult for me to choose?

Fred, you are my friend.
And i love you.
We are best friends.
But to me. its seems like you take me for granted.


When I'm around him, he is the only one I see.
When I miss him, he is the only one on my mind.
When I'm alone, he is the only one I want to be with.
When I'm asleep, he is the one I dream of.

I Love You Anthony.
I Never Want To Let You Go.
I Want To Be With You Forever.
I Will Dedicate All Love Songs To You.


Danny is a nice guy
And knows how to treat a girl
Never will he make her cry
Never will he leave her side

Is is not enough to say 'i Love You.'
For you to know that I do.
Is it not enough to kiss you?
To show my love for you.

I will keep wishing and hoping
For us to be reunited once again.
Because just the thought of forgetting you forever
Makes me sorrow.

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Im only 15 and i like to write poems about how i feel.)

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Everything Is Going To Be Okay

I thought we've could of last,
but we, ve grown apart.
We were two kids once inlove,
but now we are two kids drained out of love.

You left me with lots of pain in my heart.
With so many tears running down my face.
And so many scarrs that are left
for me to remember you by.

Those four months and one week
mean so much to me.
My love for you has grown so much
for me not to forget about you.

It feels like it was just yesterday that you've told me
' I love you.'
Everynight I cry and scream out your name
hoping you could hear me and say
' Everythings going to be okay.'

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