Karl white Poems

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Mary And Sarah

laying in da dark of night
i think of to
to good frends who are alwase true
ones a frend with fuzzy brown hair

Romeo And Juliet

if i were Romeo
would i have my juliet
if i were romeo
would some one love me

For Two Nights

for two nights
i thout of you
for two nights
iv wonderd about you

When The World

when the world come barring down
when the world needs to be coute
how does one do it
how does one stand

In Her Eye's

I lived in her eye's
I was so innocent
Could do no wrong
Then I did it


Why is love pain
Why do we love
When love hurt's
Why must it hurt

In The Dark

sitting int the dark
all i do is think
sitting in this darkness
all thar is is death

In My Hart

i fill it thar
in my hart
when i fall apart
why does it hurt

Light, Love

in this life
i see no light
in this life
i fell no love

In This Life

in this life i live to love
in this life i love to live
i love my frends
i love my family