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my eyes are green
because i
eat to much broccoli

I'm in here somewhere buried deep,
but worth the work to find.
so please don't stop looking,
for your hearts sake

Eyes lock,
hearts race,
electric air,


the skin of my emotions
as thin as tissue paper.
boggles the mind how it keeps them all inside
yet it does

the breeze on my face
sunlight rests on my closed eyes
the beauty of life

Electric sky pulses
a romantic breeze dances poetry across my skin

Life shows it's colors today

i composed a poem in my sleep
but my unconscious didn't have a pen
so it was a tale told to ether

Dear unwanted guest,
Now that the party is over, and there's no more fun to be had, could please be polite, collect your things, and kindly get the f**k out of my head?


i need it to rain.
not the soft sentimental type either
i need terrifying booms of seemingly never ending thunder
and torrents of rain that fall so hard it hurts when it lands

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Haiku (Sadness)

i see a dead leaf
that drags across the pavement
it knows how I feel

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hdhd dudjf 03 November 2011

please post some more. please please please! ! !

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hdhd dudjf 03 November 2011

please post some more please please please! ! !

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