Katherine Gallagher

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Rating: 4.33

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Katherine Gallagher is an Australian poet resident in London.

Gallagher's poems have been published in French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Romanian and Serbian.

Gallagher translated from French to English Jean-Jacques Celly's poems in The Sleepwalker with Eyes of Clay.


Writer in Residence at Railway Fields Nature Reserve, Har ...

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Michael Hogan 16 May 2012

The loss of a son is a powerful touchstone. This poem is brutal in its clarity.

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The Best Poem Of Katherine Gallagher


Dog waits in and out of shadows.

Dog dives around chairs and feet.

Dog looks for the spill of hands.

Dog sings the Ballad of Less and More.

Dog sleeps with one eye open.

Dog’s life isn’t negotiable.

Dog circles moons of language.

Dog barks for homecomings.

Dog is a name away.

Remember you can’t lose Dog.

Sooner or later, Dog will find you.

Katherine Gallagher Popularity

Katherine Gallagher Popularity

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