Katherine Mansfield

(14 October 1888 – 9 January 1923 / Wellington)

Katherine Mansfield Poems

1. The Meeting 9/10/2015
2. Sanary 12/31/2002
3. The Quarrel 12/31/2002
4. The Sea-Child 1/3/2003
5. The Opal Dream Cave 12/31/2002
6. Sea Song 12/31/2002
7. The Arabian Shawl 12/31/2002
8. The Gulf 12/31/2002
9. Villa Pauline 12/31/2002
10. Night-Scented Stock 1/3/2003
11. The Town Between The Hills 12/31/2002
12. The Awakening River 12/31/2002
13. To L. H. B. (1894-1915 ) 12/31/2002
14. Song Of Karen, The Dancing Child 12/31/2002
15. The Candle 12/31/2002
16. Song Of The Little White Girl 12/31/2002
17. There Is A Solemn Wind Tonight 1/3/2003
18. The Storm 12/31/2002
19. Spring Wind In London 12/31/2002
20. The Wounded Bird 12/31/2002
21. Secret Flowers 4/2/2010
22. The Family 12/31/2002
23. Opposites 12/31/2002
24. Sea 12/31/2002
25. Waves 12/31/2002
26. The Pillar Box 12/31/2002
27. Out In The Garden 12/31/2002
28. The Man With The Wooden Leg 12/31/2002
29. The Black Monkey 12/31/2002
30. When I Was A Bird 12/31/2002
31. The Earth-Child In The Grass 12/31/2002
32. Song By The Window Before Bed 12/31/2002
33. The Secret 12/31/2002
34. Sorrowing Love 12/31/2002
35. There Was A Child Once 12/31/2002
36. To God The Father 12/31/2002
37. Very Early Spring 12/31/2002
38. A New Hymn 12/31/2002
39. Voices Of The Air 12/31/2002
40. Now I Am A Plant, A Weed... 12/31/2002

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    this poem
    made me cry

Best Poem of Katherine Mansfield

A Little Boy's Dream

To and fro, to and fro
In my little boat I go
Sailing far across the sea
All alone, just little me.
And the sea is big and strong
And the journey very long.
To and fro, to and fro
In my little boat I go.

Sea and sky, sea and sky,
Quietly on the deck I lie,
Having just a little rest.
I have really done my best
In an awful pirate fight,
But we cdaptured them all right.
Sea and sky, sea and sky,
Quietly on the deck I lie--

Far away, far away
From my home and from my play,
On a journey without end
Only with the sea for friend
And ...

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Jangling Memory

Heavens above! here's an old tie of your--
Sea-green dragons stamped on a golden ground.
Ha! Ha! Ha! What children we were in those days.

Do you love me enough to wear it now?
Have you the courage of your pristine glories?
Ha! Ha! Ha! You laugh and shrug your shoulders.

Those were the days when a new tie spelt a fortune:

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