Across The Red Sky Poem by Katherine Mansfield

Across The Red Sky

Rating: 3.0

Across the red sky two birds flying,
Flying with drooping wings.
Silent and solitary their ominous flight.
All day the triumphant sun with yellow banners
Warred and warred with the earth, and when she yielded
Stabbed her heart, gathered her blood in a chalice,
Spilling it over the evening sky.
When the dark plumaged birds go flying, flying,
Quiet lies the earth wrapt in her mournful shadow,
Her sightless eyes turned to the red sky
And the restlessly seeking birds.

Sylvia Frances Chan 21 November 2021

An excellent poem but very sad and thought-provoking, Congratulations being chosen as The Modern Poem Of The Day 5 stars

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 20 November 2021

Deeply poignant and thought provoking. Well crafted with compelling images.

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michael walker. 29 July 2019

A mediocre, predictable poem.

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Susan Williams 22 March 2018

Yes. This is the Katherine Mansfield whose short stories I studied for a semester and wished for more. Perfect poem in every way- form, style, word choice, meaningfulness. Perfect 10

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Terence George Craddock 18 March 2012

An exceptionally vibrant emotive poem sadly not appreciated by critics lacking visions of appreciation.

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