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Why They Sleep In Separate Rooms

Swinging between them both, their big hands engulfing
my pudgy little ones.

underneath the rainbow tunnel, holding

She Stands There Ironing

she is still radiant. not radiant still.
unwrapping layers
of paper, removing the bow, flinging
off the box top—I robbed

Point Of Maximal Impulse

Here’s where to palpate the point
Of maximal impulse, a space two fingers by one finger wide:
It pulses at the fifth intercostal space,
At the midclavicular line to the left of the sternum.

Sleeping Alone

It’s not so bad. At night, sleeping in this space,
Indentations of you long gone. The wall is further away,
I don’t cry into paint anymore. It’s funny how loneliness works,
How my eyes open against dark is less scary since you’ve left.

This Fire

burning inside of me, it’s been
a long time coming. smoldering never felt
this good, throbbing fire veins glowing, heat coursing
through the body—a thumb stroked metal,

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Joe Sy 27 May 2006

I never knew that you could write like this. I always knew that you had a way with words and loved to write, but this is really amazing. Thanks for giving me a chance to read your stuff.

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I want to be a published poet. I live in the San Francisco Bay area and attend college in Boston, Massachusetts, where I study English and Nursing. I have been published in Stylus, a literary publication at my school.

I'd be delighted if you took some time to read my work. I welcome criticism and thoughts, I find it to be very helpful and nec ...

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