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im not much of a story teller but i have my own secrets that i dont share with anyone but i will be happy to tell you i've been writting for years and getting better by the min. hopefully i'll have a book published when i get older.....

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Sounds And Life Itself

I Love It, ....

it's hard to explain alot of things
things unexplained and i am one of them..
i stand alone in my own world and i love it..
i experience new things, i see new people,


i am from poetry from love and hate
i am from the tan walls, the wood-like floors
and the ghost colored counters
i am from the roses, the lily's bloom
i am the holloween spirit

I Sit Alone...

the night is warm and hollow like the soul the deamon has swallowed i sit alone and laugh, i sit alone and cry
in my dream, i dreamed i could fly..
hours passed away..the sun bearly shinning
i slip into the white light that shows over the clouds.

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