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My heart is in a place it's never been before
It's always been in a place that was sore

I pick up the phone, dial 0 for the operator
And ask if heaven has a number

Does heaven have a number because I need to speak to God to ask For his forgiveness?

All you have to do is just believe
awake out of your sleep what you feel is real
wounder what you'll be later in life

so sweet and valuable to many
left with no goodbyes...any

in our dreams you will always be

the sun has set, the love has grown
and your spirit has awaken

your passing has made me

you've conitnued to hurt me, but because you said I love you, I believed it was just what was supposed to happen

now I know that you were very wrong, and that you never loved me

This feeling that won't go away!
A feeling of guilt and hurt

I am guilty of not spending enough

daddy told me mommy's gone
Mommy told me she'd always be here
what happened?

In a wrld far way I see your face
I set myself at a pace

I hear you call out my name and lifted I feel

why did you go? where did you go
I need to know

it hurts like a person stabbing my heart

I wake up and think of him
His smile, his light brown eyes

To the park, to the mall, lets just be best friends over all
Spend summer days, chatting about our dream vaction

In my mind i want that weird feeling to
go away
But in my mind i don't ever want you to

you hurt me deeply
you went behind my back secretly

that thing called love, im not
sure you know just what that is

Alone in my bed, I can’t sleep
I need you so badly

I got to get you in my arms cause

When you look deep in my eyes and
Tell me you love me and deep in my
Heart I know you mean it

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Never Been Before

My heart is in a place it's never been before
It's always been in a place that was sore

Not this time and you made sure of that
Scared to let you in my heart, things were slow for a while

From then on, I knew it was your number I could always dial
My heart is in a place it's never been before

Because you love me back
Nothing we will lack, just keep loving me

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Katrina Thompson Popularity

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