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Kayode Benjamin Benorosco Poems

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33. Your Dreams 2/9/2012
34. A Cry For My Country 5/30/2012
35. Black Freedom 3/3/2014
36. The Lady In Red 4/23/2012
Best Poem of Kayode Benjamin Benorosco

The Lady In Red

And i stood awhile with gaping eyes at her.
Gazing without stop.
And getting muse in thoughts.
In a dulcet i wailed in heart.
With eyes open i gazed at the sight.
With dim eyes never bright.
And every sight always slight.

Oh lady in red.
Exclamations of the sight semblance of her sweet slow motioned blinking eyes.
Adorations of her illumating brown skin like terazon tiles.
A speech with her i plea alone.
That she be mine i wished far away from hope.

And out of my sight she went.
Leaving me in sadness and thoughts of loosing an heaven sent.

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As Old As History

Zoroaster taught it to his followers in persia twenty five hundred years ago.
confucious preached it in china twenty-four centuries ago.
.lao-tse, the founder of taoism taught it to his disciples in the valley of the Han.
Buddha preached it on the bank of the holy ganges five hundred years b4 christ
.the sacred books of hinduism taught it a thousand years b4 dat
Jesus taught it among the stony hills of judea nineteen centuries ago
Jesus summed it up in one thought..
probably the most imp

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