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'Daddy, I...'
Shut up by hard labor for the night, my child says bye
That's when I take off my mask
Worn to show my child I'm strong-as if my tears are stored in a cask

One word has the power to do so much
Make you happy, sad, angry, and such
What's this word after all?
Well, it's 'hello'

Holding the power to lock a happy heart in a black chained box
A box that may never be unlocked
Leaving the bodies of the stolen hearts to be crippled
Only insinuating darkness in the crippled bodies

I am who I am
I don't wear jewelry to be like one of them
I don't keep up with the trends to be like one of them
I don't act cool to be like one of them

Do I look like some toy to play with?
A random toy with no feelings?
Just because I have power
To stand up, smile, and let the despised cower

I tend to shut people out
Been put to doubt
Left to kick by a few sadistic other
But now I don't let that bother

Momma says chocolate is bad
'Don't make your teeth mad! '
I say chocolate is good
'After all, for my frail and skinny body, it's food! '

Many are out there who seem to be perfect, like dolls
Blinded by the 'many's' fake smiles and unshattered faces
Yet, their flaws have been overlooked- their falls
Smiling happily in all places

I was once told that reality is much different from quotes
That life ain't no to-be fairytale, it's a drowning boat
Well, I want to know then how were quotes made
Did all wise quote-sayers make their dreams said?


Remember that shy girl
Who looked like she was lost in whirls
Remember how that girl who always withdrew from the fun
Resembling dark clouds that blocked the sun

Shadows which seem immortal
Makes darkness look like our close friend
All the smiles in once active faces now fades into woebegone ones
And the present insinuating hope is diminishing

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'Daddy, I Love You'

'Daddy, I...'
Shut up by hard labor for the night, my child says bye
That's when I take off my mask
Worn to show my child I'm strong-as if my tears are stored in a cask

I try to believe I'm strong
My ears try to block out the times the Nazis sing their song
My feet try to veil the broken glass its walked upon
Only to show my the child the merciless monsters haven't won

Only for my kid
Yet, at times my cask of tears breaks it lid
This is when my child is asleep
The Nazis may have shaved my head, but follicles of pain still heap

God, I have followed your religion of Judaism
But it seems you've brought me into 'sadisticism'
'Sadistic' because the opposite of common beliefs is practiced
Here, the damned go to the paradise of death and saved are tortured

Still, for my child, I shall try to be strong
My child is the reason I'm still alive-try to act like I belong
'Daddy, I love...' is what is said yesterday before sleep takes him
That's again when I'm left to talk with the lights so dim

So dim that I wonder if I'm a ghost
After today's hard labor, I feel I've followed a death-post
My friend has just died-damned in 'sadisticism' he was
Now, am I one of the saved in this religion left only to cuss?

Yet, no, for my child, I shall live in the best way I can
'Daddy, I love you...' is what he said making me feel like a man
In these dark times, my child can still say 'love'
For today I won't cuss and cry talking to The One above

The next day, my child says....
Nothing-that's what he says
Nothing-he's dead-gone
And now I'm left with no one but Hitler in mind knowing he won

I give up...
My tears being poured out of my cask cup by cup
To make me strong, I'll say it wasn't me who wrote this
The writer was sadness-achieved by Hitler's and the Nazi's kiss

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