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An Attractive Penname (Mine)

I have no claim to fame,
But except for these words,
So I use a penname,
'Cause they're not pretty words.


My name is Keromi,
'Cause Keiromi means respect.
My name is Keiromi,
'Cause Keiromi sounds the best.

My name is Nozomu,
Nozomu meanse'to wish'.
My name is Nozomu,
'Cause it's what I do best.

Strawberry Kiss,
It's how I sign what I write.
Strawberry Kiss,
Under a dark star-filled night.

Keiromi Nozomu,
Is not my real name.
I don't claim my work,
So they don't know my ...

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What's Going On

What the hell's going on?
Everything's so hazy,
I feel so damn lazy,
I can't turn my mind back on.

Why have the past few months,
Been so damn confusing?
Why can't I get moving?
I can't figure out what's wrong.