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Feathers to my sleeping pillow
Warmth to my freezing
Star to my Midnight sky
Relief to my sorrow

When young i would run outside on breezy warm spring days
Play and soak in the sun rays

Pick pretty weeds and play love me, Love me not

Delicate Flower
How you impower


No longer will pretend to be happy
Everyone's blind or i guess they just didn't want to see

No more will i blame he or she

The light that flows underneath your door in the middle of the night
The one thing that can make everything alright

The sunshine that makes your day bright

I punished him Because of what you didn't do
I didn't let him because I was waiting for you to come thur

I held his place in my heart for you


The tears I have cried because of you, I will never get back.
The pain you have caused me, you know and I'm hurt because of that.

The lies you have told me are uncountable.

Words are honestly deadly

Death is my toy
Testing the boundries of life and death has became a game to me


I feel as if i cant be myself
Your kind is bad for my health

I dislike that your so judgemental

You look at me
Im frightened of what you might see

Broken inside

Come together again
Would this be a sin?

Bring back something so old

I feel lost and cold.
I feel my blood drift to the floor.
I feel injured and unknown.
I feel shallow and solo.

Worrying for those who weep
She cries herself to sleep

She takes everything to heart

I am Broken
Withered and old

I live a life that’s unknown

The pain one peron can cause is insane
It's like having the power to make it rain

What is the need to be so cruel

How did I become so empty?
I guess to stop what was hurting

I no longer understand what’s reality

A smile’s becoming
My belly has a tickle, It’s fluttering

I ask my mommy what this could be

Respect you
Is that possible to do?

I would


She lays a hand of his chest
Praying to the Lord that her son will peacefully rest
32 years of his presence, we are blessed

Never show the fright
I see it deep within those blue eye's you use for sight

Tears imbedded in the ground

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I'm 17 Poems are something i do to let go and be free Add me on myspace: http: // Get a social vibe and help the world easly and non-time consuming)

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* My Lovely One *

Feathers to my sleeping pillow
Warmth to my freezing
Star to my Midnight sky
Relief to my sorrow
Sleeve to my tears

Lips to my lips
Reason to my sensation

Embrace my sole
lonley no more
because you my lovely one

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Kelcie Harm Popularity

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