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I wonder how…
How many days,
Since we ate, drank…
Have seen the sun's rays

The excitement builds
I'm ecstatic to finish
But now excitement and fear
Are hard to distinguish

velvety red petals
full and sweet
soft and light
arranged neat

a mama bird sits in her nest
her tiny eggs nestled beneath her feathers
whether rain, wind, or snow
she keeps them safe through all weather

The warmth still surrounds me as I open the door
one step out and I feel the cold rush around me
I can't take my eyes off the beauty
just look at all the trees

The days grow long
As the sun peaks out
The birds are returning
On their yearly route

our little red boat
we set afloat
with all those patches
to cover deep scratches

I step on the warm sand
The tide is rising high
But soon the rising tide
Will be drawing nigh

What comes next?
We've done what was asked
We've behaved at the end
We've passed every class

The Truth
a word of respect
a word of courage at times
hard to define, hard to detect

The recognition
That little whisper
When the world seems to notice
That one thing you did right

Crlystal clear
And blue as can be
No puffy white clouds
Drift above me

Day after day
And week after week
We put everything off
And for pleasure we seek

I put on my make up,
and paint on my face.
Cover all marks,
covered without a trace.

I look in the pond,
he stars twinkling above,
the moon shining bright,
hidden in the grove.

We all walk
With our painted faces
Our masks are firmly placed
As we walk across the stage

When things seem harsh
I may fall or slip
or catch myself
after I give lip

green reaching up
a long and elegant stem
the color of life
the rich ground it's reaching from

I have found in you
The truest of true
No one could be
A better friend than you

As I look through the branches
Dangling with elegant grace
I let my mind wander freely
Though it is still a race

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Not all of them come from my personal experiences, but a good bit do. I just get so into my writing. I enjoy writing because it's a great way for me to escape reality. I love poetry with meaning and feeling, poetry you can see and orm a picture fo even after you're done reading it. Please let me kow how I can improve upon my poetry.)

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Holocaust Train Cars

I wonder how…
How many days,
Since we ate, drank…
Have seen the sun's rays

I wonder
How much longer
‘til we're free,
And don't have to stand here

How long?
How much
‘til I have
Any food, water, and such?

Each day we stand,
Each day that passes,
More people die,
Lying in masses

Each day that passes
There is more room to sit,
Then lay, on the bodies…
Their hearts all quit

Finally! They open the doors
And those left unload
"faster! Faster! FASTER! "
They all goad

Shortly after
We all lay where we were sent….
The gas chamber…
Where our lives end

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