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A Gift To Me

A filth that's wreaking havoc, no ablution can make clean.
Voices that stir echoes, a reason, left unseen.

Corruption of pureness, sickening of a mind


One girl lives right here,
The other two live there.
Miles proved it can't divide
The bond that these three share.

A Single Wish

A search from above is how it begun
How I wished to find that perfect one

She'll be gentle & kind, yet a wee bit stern

Here And There

When you feel all alone, your world, it stands still.
Or the road that your traveling, seems only uphill.  

When the darkness, it lingers, even in day.


A glance in the mirror, I see the first sign.
The face, it's the same but those eyes, they're not mine

Where is the one I knew all along?

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