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1. My Dream And You 10/4/2013
2. Definition Of Styles 10/20/2013
3. What Went Wrong? 10/23/2013
4. Lust And Love 10/23/2013
5. Encircled But... 10/23/2013
6. Enough? 10/25/2013
7. The Style Of The Time 10/25/2013
8. I See 11/1/2013
9. There You Are 11/1/2013
10. My Hope 11/1/2013
11. The Curse Of Adulthood 11/1/2013
12. Tapped From Behind 10/21/2013
13. She Said I Was Stupid! 12/16/2013
14. A Good Poem? 10/22/2013
15. About Five Hrs Thirty Mins 11/14/2013
16. Two In One Word 11/16/2013
17. In A Moment Listen 11/23/2013
18. Thanks To God And All 11/29/2013
19. The Third Fact 10/24/2013
20. One Who Rushed And Crashed 10/21/2013
21. Me At Work 10/21/2013
22. It Hurts 11/30/2013

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It Hurts

We were mates in the same class.
We were good friends, all knew that.
We were littles, together we climbed the education ladder,
Till our path forked after junior high school.
I felt the starting step love for her
But never hint her my heart climbed for her. I acted cool.
'Tell her'. I couldnt.
'Tell her'. I couldnt.
My heart kept talking,
I could not.

God been so Good, SHS was our portion.
I had a school, homogeneous of same sex.
She had a school, but heterogeneous.
And that shook me a micro little.

Her thought drove all the ...

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Definition Of Styles

I started as a painter of nature.
My paints wasn't emotions
But the mind's perceptions.
My focus was Partly beauty and mainly
The grasping of message's meaning.
Metaphysical poet, That's the fixture.
You wear love like ring
And let it stain your writing.

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