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what can i say?
19 male mi
i have been writing poems since i was 9 years old and i love doin it
but my best work only comes out when i am depressed or pissed.sad isnt it?

oh well ill keep on submitting them.

happy reading

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Last Moments

Now i lay my head to rest
Life was hard
But i tried my best

As my reality begins to fall
I hear a voice
It is my loved ones
Giving my name,
That one last call

The doors are closing
The only thing ending is my time
The sounds get quieter
I lye in that wooden coffin so still, so quiet
All while the dark riot in my mind get higher and higher

So as they lower the coffin
Say their last words
And begin to lay the dirt
Even myself being dead
Can feel my loved ones hurt

The light gets brighter
i begin to run away
But i realize, im not going any where
Staying in the same place
Where am i going?
Will any one ever remember my face?

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ken van Popularity

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