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keri caldwell Poems

1. Are You Happy 6/29/2009
2. Alone 6/29/2009
3. A Walk In The Meadow 6/29/2009
4. Rain 6/29/2009
5. What It's Like 6/29/2009
6. Never Again 6/29/2009
7. Hate It 6/29/2009
8. Lost In The Crowed 6/29/2009
9. The Mold 6/29/2009
10. Secrets 6/29/2009
11. To Close For Comfort 6/29/2009
12. Over The Edge 6/29/2009
13. Things That Won'T Be Spoken 6/29/2009
14. Who Am I 6/29/2009
15. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back 6/29/2009
16. The Day You Left 6/29/2009
Best Poem of keri caldwell

The Day You Left

the day you left
was just like the rest
the day you left
no hugs, no kisses, no I love you
just take care
the day you left
you loaded your car
with things that would
take you far

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Who Am I

Who am I?
you asks as I sit across the room
Who am I?
you will never know
for you have closed the door
Who am I?
you will never know
the secrets i hold
will never be told
Who am I?

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