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I got to thinking,
about a topic called Death...

It's dark and scary,

You get your hopes up,
when you wake up...
but when you hear the news your upset,
your down,

So many places,
where one can run and go,
to be free,
to be alone, to shout or scream...

I walk out the door,
up the street,
take a left, go down a hill/road...
thinking to myself,

Your right,
and i cant deny it...
Even though,
i may say i'm okay,

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Hi, i'm a teenager and i love to express my feeling towards peoms... becuase people do read them, and well, its good to know that people can see how i do feel... and well, to be honest, i do only trust very few with knowing these feelings. I'm 13 and i've changed over the years. I like who i am. But sometimes, not what i do. Many likes, dislike. Poetry drawing and photography are my few favs. Ello~ ~Goodbye)

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I got to thinking,
about a topic called Death...

It's dark and scary,
To whom some believe...

But you're moving on,
And gettin' a new start...

So why do we fear,
this thing called Death?

If pretty much, it allows us to forget the wrong,
we have done before...
I dont see,
but then again i kinda do...

How death can be frightening...
to everyone
including you
and the

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Jodie Pollock 08 February 2009

i love all of your poems! ! So instead of commenting all of them I thought it would be easier to comment on you :) you are a brilliant and amazing writer I love your work x

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