kevin casey Poems

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maybe being found and revered after all these tears,
dying in sticky stuff with, something that creates ashroud of incapacitation, where every one called to dissapears leaving, like a burglar in my downstairs room, i heard the window smash, where am i blooming?
this predation is limited it is some that see me as an ornament a value, i push i run i sleep and defecate, i see you i want you but i am stuck in this sticky stuff you run away you are afraid naturally, so am i,
i would stay with you pull you out see you through,

Crimson Sea

could this
sea never have ebbed,
where the selfish just cry me me
as if no one else donated and which

Owning People

Am To Pm

Many Exploited To The End

Poet Train

chuff and puff, the wind and whatever,
you thinK
you are slain
for pover means green something

How Far

How far can be seen step along the crysanthanum cobbled lane distances between the game that has suddenly arisen
it is you
have you come to encompass my journey
for yonder is my view and there you stand opening your arm one

Sun Bottle Twice

Carry the world, with delight save the long ride over the stretch
dreams invoking the symetry of a bottle as far as can be the whole of entirety that which we share or keep selfishly in the vessel across many voids to replenish and get lost for the light is defracted can you as weapon be at hand, brings on courage for the grand and all
carry forth the aptly named for it all is from journey long and short in and out of every docking port how far is measure placed, sand
likened to a streched out welcome of beautiful eyes every one knows


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