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I live my life to the fullest, /
Because, i don't know what will happen tomorrow. /
I believe that life can change in a second. /
Hence, everything i do is from the best of my ability. /

I am proud of the way i grew up, because i ommit myself from bad activities. /
I am famous across the world, but i won't forget my background. /
The fact is in order to ' know where you are going, /
you must know where you are coming from'. /

I sacrifice my blood, sweat & tears with my time to make a difference in the community. /
I don't want to escape my responsibility, because i have big plans for the place that made me to be who i am. /
I am not afraid to expose my personal attitude, because i am proud of who i am. /
Hence, i am respected in all kinds of races, in every place, because they show me the true meaning of love. /

A real man...believes in his aim, objective & vision. /
A real man is not afraid to sacrifice his time for the one & only. /
A real man knows how to treat a lady. /
A real man is not afraid to admit his weak-points. /

I remember when i was young...
I used to be a shy, ignorant & pathetic boy,
today i made it.

I believe it is a loss to me if i don't achieve my aim, objective & vision.
The fact is i get up in the dawn & compose my poems,
because i want to be successful as a poet.
I disindulge myself from negative people,

I am worried about my part-time life at home.
I feel as if i am hated for who i am by my parents,
siblings & grandparents...
They don't confront me, but they use words indirectly to attack my self esteem.

I live my life to the fullest, because i don't know what will happen tomorrow.
I believe my life can change in a second.
Hence, everything i do is from the best of my ability.
I thank god for blessing me with my life.

I regret for using other people's i ideas to succeed, /
because i believe that is wrong. /
Hence, i apologize for underestimating their wisdom. /
The fact is i am wrong & i apologize, /

I believe it is my responsibility to make my parents proud, no matter what.
I hesitate girls & ladies, because everything has it's own place & time.
I believe i still deserve to be respected, even if i am unemployed, because i am a human being.
In my community i am known as a rapper, producer, promoter, entrepreneur & community development worker. /

Maybe we need just a little more time /
Time that can heal what's on your mind /
We can find what we lost before it all slips away /
We need time to mend from the mistakes i've made /

How could you be so heartless, careless & reckless /
You've destroyed my health...emotionally, mentally & physically /
How could you?
How could you use & leave me without a choice? /

I teach lot of people to ask.
My aim is to embrace the concept behind asking...
I ask people to retaliate in their own way.
It gives me a new experience of what kind of a person you are?

I was born to be innovative & energetic. /
I come up with ideas that can change the world into a better place. /
I believe in the power of knowledge & information. /
The fact is my experience is the key to success. /

I like being an orphan, because i get everything for free. /
I eat, drink & sleep, because of my grandmother. /
I don't like being an orphan, because they suppress my feelings. /
When i was young i was taught to respect my elders, but i am surprised /

I need a real home whereby i will be appreciated for my personal attributes.
I am composing a poem, because my right to information, health,
respect, dignity & freedom of expression has been violated.
The fact is i am writing from experience, because this have

I am coherent when it comes to the things i see!
I can't be easily attempted, because i was not born yesterday...
In other words i was born to be a factor.
The fact is a fact, you can tell from my daily achievements.

I am cool, calm & collected, hence i don't want to indulge myself in negative activities.
Hence, i compose my poems with an aim to obtain myself motivation.
The fact is i am unique, because i invest my time in my career.
I made a decision to be a successful poet, across the globe,

Koena Mokoena Biography

I am an author from Intabazwe location, Eastern Free State in South Africa. I spend most of my time writing poems, because i believe that one day i will have my own poetry e-book, published across the world. I want to change the world into a better place, because i believe that anything is possible...)

The Best Poem Of Koena Mokoena

' Been Through A Lot ' (28 / 02 / 2014 / 10: 51-Am) .

I believe my background is important more than anything in the world,
because it identifies who i really am.
Hence, i am a poet & i am well-known across the globe.

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Mia Persson 21 May 2012

You have a very closed-minded way of seeing things. But your poems express the life you live and how you see things, and I guess that is the whole point. But I wouldn't consider you a poet. Rather someone who expresses their thoughts in lines.

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