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The pen has no ink,
The glass has no drink,
The body has no blood,
but there is one God.

My time is sweet,
My life is only for your satisfaction.
My entity can't be without you,
during my stay beside you,

My pensive wife, My lovely wife,
You remind me of his life.
My father is a wise-man,
For evilness, he asks me to ban.

Those martyrs are bold and brave,
Allah! You are only One who can save.
Send your angels to sustain,
Courage, courage is to obtain,

for me! ! could you open me your heart?
and put my trust.
You are the apple of my eye,
I love you, I can't say'Why'

My father I can't forget your face,
For me! you are in the first place.
I can't forget your say,
I can't leave your way.

No sleep no rest or compromise.

In Tripoli the rebel taste freedom,
... are my best friend.
Our friendship has no end,
You are pushing me to write poetry,
Your name engraved in my memory,

The enemy says 'divide the unit',
Muslim are one body'says our prophet.
The unit must have high spirit
We are brave.It's merit.

quietness calls me to be on ship,
peace, gaiety, and friendship.
Farewell my town to the north seas,
greenness, water and date trees.

For your beauty! I twinkle my eyes,
My sense never dies.
You imprison me as you are pretty,
For you! I can't forget my duty.

She is a woman of nobility,
She refuses nothing but piety.
Islam honors her, mastering morality,
behaving well, no vulgarity.

You are a woman of fair.
For you. the oppression can disappear
You are a flower having smart scent in the park,
You are my candle in the dark.

Muslim or christian, we are one unit,
no respond to quarrel or dispute.
Egypt is cited in Quran and bible,
We don't listen to the Satan or devil.

May I ask you a favour? ,
May I draw your lovely face on paper?
You have charming checks.
They are natural, no tricks.

I can't imagine life without you,
I give you your due,
The bird of imagination flies in the sky,
We are on wings, We are to defy.

Are you shy
to reply
busy, why, ?
your reply

</></>Here we breath the fresh fair,
Come my beloved, come my dear.
Fabulous, the wind messes her hair.
Could I come near your place?

You are pushing me to write poetry,
calmness comes to my moment of liberty,
I am like a child who gets a present,
I borrow wings for a moment.

I have wish in my life,
Allah! Inspire my soul and drive.
I am longing for your holy house,
To end my life, that I pronounce,

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I am a teacher of English.I am fond of poetry.I have been interested in romantic poetry.I like to read about W Black, W Wordsworth, Colorige.)

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The Syrian Revolution

The pen has no ink,
The glass has no drink,
The body has no blood,
but there is one God.

Now, the presidents are kings,
The birds have no wings.
Dirty eagle eat their meat
no battle, they are proud, they beat,
The laws of forest spread,
So-called lion come to bread
The lion is sucking merciless,
Cruelty, he is heartless.
kill creatures everywhere,
People have no guilt to swear,
We can't have flowers to smell
Tyrant 's proverb I will pay the bill
Kill the innocent goats
Here liberty floats
No, Destroy all boats.
Honey promises fades away
The tyrant king runs away.
Life has up and down
Egyptian said 'Step down'
Syrians lay the soul down

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khaled Elbalishy 30 December 2011

viva Egypt, viva Egypt,

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