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In October, she fell in love.
Unable to tell anyone, she bore its pain all alone.
Unable to expose them out, she suffered.
She made her thoughts her companions

I seldom remember her
Yet she stays often,
An image of my heart affection.
I seldom recite her

The day shall disperse,
The dawn shall dance,
And the breeze shall blush.
She standing there;

Love never creates cages
Love never hinders the growth
Love by it's way is cute and clear
Simple and serene.....

Life ingests in us the pieces of affection
And then bids byes to beauty's lamentions...
And then lovers meet in shadowy sky
Where we talk and fondle with fathomable fye

Don't you realize when you for the first time said
O Love, you are my whole world...
Didn't you notice the tears that fell from her eyes, O friend?

Like everything is taken away
Like some emotions are attacked....
Like that virgin soul is utterly robbed
Like his poetic pearls are banished from heaven

Her face was beautiful, shining and cute
Her smile was awesome, killing and brute!
Her eyes - O her eyes! Don't ask!
A bunch of beauty, and a guide to wise!

Go and stay there, where no one is of same walk-
No one of same language, And no one even to talk.

There, a doorless home be built without any backyard-

I miss you mercilessly
Your shinny smile...
Your gates...
Your rosy laughs...

Beloved, When love leaves
It leaves with pains..
The smile which we gathered yesterdays
Never springs up with grinning rains..!

Her name was 'Bunch of flower'
And I used to water her great laughter's
Her evil grin was dearly grandiose
Full of charm, full of pretty pose.

Without you there is no heaven on earth!
Your smile is what I always praise!
In it all the colours of my life are hidden...
Didn't you notice how much beautiful you are.?


Poetry is beauty that is boundless to any crunch
And a fresh flower that blossoms only on beloved's touch!

Poetry is late night lovable lucubration,

If there is a smile who stirs the storms.
If there is an eye, with its majestic charms!
Poetry (they say) - will never die!
It will enliven many,

Like Shelley's Western winds!

Was this love whom I adored?
Was this love that you promised to me?
With sighs and sobs it was I,
Who suffereed so much, O my dearest Love!

What if you depart
So suddenly
Without any care
And i who, still stares at your ways?

Ecstasy was just lifeless word
Joy too was dull & dead...

Untill the movement, I sat beside her.

And that greed is gone out
That licentious lust left me yester months, Beloved!
Here, love does live...Only!
If we can go...

The Best Poem Of Khalil Gabol

She Whispered To Her Friends.

In October, she fell in love.
Unable to tell anyone, she bore its pain all alone.
Unable to expose them out, she suffered.
She made her thoughts her companions
Guiders and consolers of her soul
In them and among them, she lost herself
Contemplating beautifully,
Pondering prettily,
She always thought for her love,
An Unknown He, An Stranger He!
Someone called him — a friend.
Shy and bashful mostly
A boy, who loved her from afar,
Prayed for her from the farthest location
Cared for her from unfathomable distances
A boy, not close, not known, yet to her.
Day-by-day, She lost herself in his thoughts
An inferno of affection inflamed in her being
A conflagration of love wrapped her in totality
Utmost lost in the muses of love, She fainted!
Unable to tell her malady to her mother,
Unable to tell her secret to her sister,
She turned towards the nature,
She turned towards the friends of her solitude.
Opening her gates of red lips,
Lowering the gaze of her eyes,
Wrapping herself in complete bashfulness.
She whispered to night,
She whispered to moon,
She whispered to wee-hours,
She whispered to the gentle breeze,
She whispered —
I love him deeply!

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VINESH kumar 19 July 2019

Found sublimity and natural beauty in your poetry , lovable

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Khalil Gabol Quotes

Forgetfulness is indispensable for good life to go.

It is life and let us be alive, comrade.

I like three things: a flower, it's fragrance and your name.

Never renege old promises, if unable to stand with, turn them with new.

She is a girl to be admired, a heart to be lived.

It is like an unfettered egret, wandering to sojourn in solaceful hearts.

I love her eyes For they are grandiose Full of charm, full of life.

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Khalil Gabol Popularity

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