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15 October 2019

Forgetfulness is indispensable for good life to go.

15 October 2019

It is life and let us be alive, comrade.

18 October 2019

I like three things: a flower, it's fragrance and your name.

18 October 2019

Never renege old promises, if unable to stand with, turn them with new.

18 October 2019

She is a girl to be admired, a heart to be lived.

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VINESH kumar 19 July 2019

Found sublimity and natural beauty in your poetry , lovable

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The Best Poem Of Khalil Gabol

She Whispered To Her Friends.

In October, she fell in love.
Unable to tell anyone, she bore its pain all alone.
Unable to expose them out, she suffered.
She made her thoughts her companions
Guiders and consolers of her soul
In them and among them, she lost herself
Contemplating beautifully,
Pondering prettily,
She always thought for her love,
An Unknown He, An Stranger He!
Someone called him — a friend.
Shy and bashful mostly
A boy, who loved her from afar,
Prayed for her from the farthest location
Cared for her from unfathomable distances
A boy, not close, not known, yet to her.
Day-by-day, She lost herself in his thoughts
An inferno of affection inflamed in her being
A conflagration of love wrapped her in totality
Utmost lost in the muses of love, She fainted!
Unable to tell her malady to her mother,
Unable to tell her secret to her sister,
She turned towards the nature,
She turned towards the friends of her solitude.
Opening her gates of red lips,
Lowering the gaze of her eyes,
Wrapping herself in complete bashfulness.
She whispered to night,
She whispered to moon,
She whispered to wee-hours,
She whispered to the gentle breeze,
She whispered —
I love him deeply!

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