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born on june 29 in 1983.
love read books
especially poetry.
wrote some poems.
live in a little village name kadilangu
at trangkil pati regency
in central java indonesia
from little family.
father as a farmer
and mother as a farmer.
still have a granma.
live with family
and two brothers.
love adventures.
also traveling
i imagine if i could visit greece
love pets, ma lil pusi name is fuskey
love ruffy
and still try to prove to some one
plis visit my blog at http: //
is a kind of my heart breathing
plis mock, plis comment, ok gut nait

what can i do for you?
ada ga ya yang mau membaca puisiku?
nek wonten matur suwun

aku seorang pengangguran lo
makanya aku ingin kerja
tapi bingung

hanya nulis emosi
aku bosan
seperti ini terus

piye bro duwe solusi?

The Best Poem Of khoirun niam

Love Angel

Oh love
Fly beside me
Oh love
Cover me
Oh love
Fly with me
Oh love
Find my angel
Oh love
My true angel
Oh love
Oh love
Oh love
Send me your angel
Oh love
Oh love
Oh love
Oh love
I miss my angel
Oh love
Oh love
Where is my angel
Why I am alone
Oh love where my angel
I am alone
I am alone
Beside you
At the corner of the darkness

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khoirun niam Popularity

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