Rookie - 5 Points [POETICONCLUSION] (26 NOVEMBER 1991 / south africa)


1. We Are All Able To Love 11/9/2012
2. They All Come In Numbers 1/18/2013
3. Just So F**ken F***ked Up 2/15/2013
4. She Loves Me. 8/31/2013
5. Impression Pending 10/26/2013
6. Dope Is My Mind 7/25/2016
7. Jealousy 8/31/2013
8. Alcohol Is Not An Addiction 1/29/2013
9. A Coward Like Me 8/31/2013
10. Your Physics Of Love. 4/30/2014
11. Holy Hooligans. 8/10/2013

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Holy Hooligans.

We were born blessed and innocent.
We were GOD’s temple……I confess.
We grew like nourishing trees.
We were once sweet like honey made by bees.

NOT now! We are living in hell.
Our souls are possessed by these present evil world.
Our hearts carry anger like lions.
AND we began biting each other like pythons.

I thought we were raised by guardians who fears GOD.
They treated us like pots of gold.
Only to find out that everything was so fake.
OUR sins are deeper than that of a killer whale.

We still hooligans, we don’t give a damn.
We break every ...

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