Killa Cam

Rookie (2/24/90 / Harlem, New York)

Killa Cam Poems

1. 'The Kiss I Miss' 7/7/2005
2. 'Waiting For You' 8/31/2005
3. 'Blood' 12/10/2005
4. 'Getting To Knowyou' 12/10/2005
5. 'Do Over' 12/11/2005
6. ' A Girl I Know ' 5/14/2006
7. 'The Man I Should Have Been' 6/2/2006
8. 'The One I Need' 6/2/2006
9. Why Have Love? 8/31/2005
10. Love 8/31/2005
11. 'She Gives Me Butterflies' 6/3/2006
12. 'Pretty When You Cry' 8/31/2005
13. 'Unique' 8/31/2005

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Best Poem of Killa Cam

'Pretty When You Cry'

Pretty when your eye is dripping or it's dry
it's just you but I know that life is rough but your even
more pretty when you cry

Your pretty to the unknown
but it's almost to perfect not to be shown
invisible to the eye but naked to the mind
your already riddle already known your life like a story
I can go on and on but if it's one thing they haven't notice it
it's that your even pretty when you cry

I would show so much affection only to make
that eye drip it wouldn't be because of thoughts of depression
but happiness, fill ...

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