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on remembrance day its time to think of all those who went to war
what happend on those days they went to war
grab a gun shoot them

i know this may be scary
but its going to be really bleary i am saying this because i have been through all of this and it makes me realize i should tell some people about it and if they are going through some of this there is some advice but its your choice to follow it or not

Some people feel that there life is not worth living

Every night tears i shed
Every day is a day i dred
When your around i wish i wasn't
Because every time i seem to hurt


roses are red
violets are blue
my rose is white
and its bleading for you

i promis i will not harm anyone but myself
i promis i will try and stop all the child neglect
i promis i will live a happy and everlasting life
i promis i will do my duty to god

i woke up feeling weird
went to school and got into trouble
missed the bus home
got punched thousands of times

I want that one guy......
Who doesn't mind if i eat more than him
I want that one guy.....
To listen to all my problems & my fears

I am sorry for hurting u that way,
I told u i loved you,
But i couldn't stand it any longer
Megan was supposed to be my friend

He doesn't believe what I say,
He says there is no way,
I can't believe i liked him,
I rather i marry someone with a fin,

Walking away makes things worse,
even though we moved on it hurts so much to walk away from you,
inside i go insane without you,
don't tear me up inside just cause i love him an i don't love you,

Im not a perfect girl,
My hair doesn't stay in place,
I always spill things and catch things on fire a lot,
Im pretty clumsy.

I just want you here with me,
Just to let me know that you’re alright,
Babe I just wanna know if you still love me,
Like the way you used to.

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Simple Friends & Real Friends

A simple friend has never seen you cry before a real friends shoulder is soggy from your tears A simple friend brings a bottle of wine to your party a real friend comes early to help you cook and stays late to help you clean A simple friend hates it when you call after they have gone to bed a real friend asks why you took so long to call them A simple friend wonders about your romantic history a real friend could blackmail you with it! A simple friend thinks your friendship is over when you have a argument a real friend calls after you have had a fight.
never frown even when your sad because you dont know who is falling in love with your smile

By kimberley elwell :)

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Patrick A. Martin 01 September 2009

Watch out for this young woman in the years to come she writes with passion and conviction. KIMBERLEY ELWELL has arrrived.

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xxbecca loves mitchxx mitchy 17 December 2008

hey your peom is made

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