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Hi, I am Kimberly Caca, im 43 and was born in Ohio and moved to Texas in 1999. I have a husband called Geoffrey Caca. we have been married for 29 years. I love my husband very much and hope to make some nice lovingly poems about him. My favourite food is warm mushy peas with a little bit of milk. My husband has been very distant to me and this is a place where i can explore and be free. I have dreams for the future and to burn all of the gays and LDGQTAI's because they ruin our society. I have 1 Amazing sun called Gaeson Caca he is 27 years old. He lives in our shed across the field. He brings alot of boys to his little house and I have a very small theory they he might be one of them gays. I am very disappointed in my son and his little boyfriends. I am pro life and my son was and accident I did not want to abort him because that would be a sin to god.)

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A Sexy Man

As she saw
A man
A nice one
A sexy one
The sea was populated once again
The sea

By Kimberly Caca

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Geoffrey Caca 02 February 2023

you are a very good poet my love

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