Rookie (MAY 1980 / mooreland ok)


1. Crossroads 10/25/2009
2. Mr.Mam 10/25/2009
3. My Passion 10/25/2009
4. Emotions 10/25/2009
5. Joshua 10/26/2009
6. Our Last Encounter 10/11/2009
7. First Impressions 10/25/2009
8. Life 11/8/2009
9. Simple Need 12/23/2009
10. True Love 2/13/2010
11. Raw Poetry 3/13/2010
12. Winter 10/25/2009
13. I Am Relentless 11/14/2009
14. Off To Work 10/25/2009
15. Ms.Fine 10/25/2009
16. Fear 11/6/2009
17. Joe 12/1/2009
18. Mistress Of A Millionaire 1/10/2010
19. Selfish 10/25/2009

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I guess all I am is a very spoiled brat,
I kick and I scream and cause quite a scene.
So many have tried to get close to me,
but I've shoved and pushed...even had to be mean.

I'll give some a chance, let them think that they're in,
and then turn a cold shoulder… toss them away.
Yes, I have been called a cold hearted b****,
much deserved though the truth...I'm just afraid.

No not enough time has gone to the past,
so hate me, loathe me, and say what you wish.
I am not proud or impressed with my scars,
but when it comes to my heart, yes I'm ...

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First Impressions

I can still remember the first day I met you.
As you approached me I didn't know what to think,
I was so curious when you called me by name.
Who could he be, this man with eyes so blue?
You were confident and complemented my smile.
I was flustered, nervous, and trying not to fidget.
When you spoke your words were very calming,
I became so relaxed, but did I pass your trial?
Thinking back I can't remember much that you said.

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