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Self-Esteem/Acceptance: Nature Vs. Nurture

Blessed are those who naturally possess
a strong sense of self and solid self-esteem.
--This is nature at its best.
Vulnerable are those who solely succumb to
relying on extrinsic forces to consider their self-worth.
--This calls for nurturing in its most primal state.
If children grow up being enjoyed rather than tolerated,
They learn to accept themselves and others.
If children are liked as well as loved,
They feel like they fit in the world;
They have a sense of belonging.
If children are talked “to” rather than “at, ”
They find their own voice.
If children are included in good humor and laughter,
They’re inclined to believe that wishes come true.
If children are showed faith by actions and prayer,
They are quick to have hope.
If children live with peace and harmony,
They discover their own Truths with confidence.
~Such sustenance rears individuals with promise and positive perspective.
~It is the gift of healthy self-esteem;
~A positive self-concept.
If nurture naturally embraced you, have gratitude.
Be joyful in the acceptance of you and those around you.
Remain involved with self-discovery and improvement.
Raise your head high and breathe; for,
You are the fortunate.

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