Kingsley Olaleye Reuben

Kingsley Olaleye Reuben Poems

1. A New Heart 4/23/2013
2. In A Moment 4/23/2013
3. I Am A Poem 4/23/2013
4. You Send I 4/23/2013
5. The Bridge 4/23/2013
6. Your Heart 4/23/2013
7. Magic Tulips 4/23/2013
8. Our Time 4/23/2013
9. If I Could Not You Would 4/23/2013
10. Sonnet Of A Sober Drunk 4/23/2013
11. The Exploding Sun 4/23/2013
12. A House Of Feeling 4/23/2013
13. Super Powers 4/23/2013
14. Twenty For You 4/23/2013
15. Water Under This Bridge 5/27/2012
16. When We Were Gods 4/23/2013
17. To Be Read Twice And Again 4/23/2013
18. Of True Love 4/23/2013
19. I Am The Damsel You Are The Hero 4/23/2013
20. Chanelle 4/23/2013
Best Poem of Kingsley Olaleye Reuben

Of True Love

My vision is faded into all that is mentally blind,
What I want I search and obviously do not find.
For what I seek is not what I need, in a world dying in the dust,
All I need is You father in heaven- in Your word I trust.
The heart of my soul cries even though my flesh is for a time sated,
Nothing satisfies my soul except Your love, so I give mine though belated.
So let Your holy fire burn within me so by no impurity my soul be bound,
Your love is complete, final and enough and in me let it be found.

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I Am A Poem

I am a poem. God wrote me. Many will have an interpretation of me But I am what I was
Written to be, nothing less, nothing more. Some say I am a tragedy, While others call me an
Epic. Some say I am an elegy, while others call me an ode and others Still, a sonnet. Many
Have their interpretations some are close, some are completely wrong But only God knows
Exactly what I am and who I am because he wrote me, he knows me Better than I understand
Myself, themes, literary devices and all. I have

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