Bijay Kant Dubey Kiss Poems

It Was First Kiss; Kissing You For The First Time

It was my first kiss,
Kissing you for the first time,
Ever a girl in my life,
Let me enter it into my diary.

Just For A Kiss

Just for a kiss,
a sweet kiss
to impress
on the appleyish cheeks

The modern ladies often after name and fame
Can be seen strutting and walking on tip-toe
With the vanity bag hanging and slinging,
In the best possible make-up and the dress-up,

The Kiss Of Dr.Faustus, Faustus Kissing Helen

The girl is so beautiful that
I want to kiss her.

Oh, Dr.Faustus kissing Helen,

Let Us Begin The New Year With A Kiss

Goodbye to the last year,

Suppose, just suppose you
Though I am doing
Nothing like that,
But instead am thinking,

O leftists of Jadavpur,
Leftist students,
Kiss you not in the public
To show,

Locked in a kiss
On the roads
As they are not allowed to kiss
In the Jadavpur University premises,


A fashionista,
A socialite
Asked me to kiss her
To say it to her,

I want to,
Want to kiss you,
Hey, what are you saying,
Replied she,

Just For A Kiss Of Miss Burquawalli Am I Here

Just for a sweet kiss of
Miss Burquawalli
Am I here,
My lady love in waiting,

Just For A Kiss, A Sweet Kiss Of Yours

Just for a kiss,
A sweet kiss of yours,
On your forehead,
On your lovely cheeks

Kiss Of The Burkhawalli, A Burqua-Clad Maiden

Kiss of the burkh-clad miss,
I still remember it,
How did she come to

Suppose I Kiss A Burquawalli


Just suppose you


The dark black rose
As my Valentine
Came she to me
On Valentine's Day.

On Happy Kiss Day

On Happy Kiss Day,
Kiss you,
Do not let her go
If you are a couple

Happy Kiss Day

On Happy Kiss Day,
Kiss you,
Do not let her go
If you are a couple

On Valentine's Day, I Want To Kiss You

On Valentine's Day,
I want to impress
A sweet kiss
On the rosy cheeks of yours,


Kiss A Burkhawalli And Say You, How Do You Do?

Kiss a burkhawalli
and say to,
how do you do?

O Miss, Miss You, O Miss, Kiss You!

O Miss,
Miss, miss you,
O Miss,
Kiss, kiss you!

Burkhawalli Bibi, Just For A Sweet Kiss

My burkhawalli bibi,
Just for a sweet kiss
Of yours
Lie I herein

Under the midnight skies
Full with the twinkles of the stars and the moon
And the jasmines spraying scent,
Let me, let me

I want to kiss, kiss you
You are so beautiful
And lovely,
Your cheeks appleyish,

The ganjeris, the bhangeris
And the darpiyas,
I mean the ganja-smokers,
The bhang-takers

Live like a gipsy,
Love like a bohemian
And go you kissing
In the public

Kiss Of Love

They kissing on the streets
And I seeing
The drama of Left politics
And politicking.

It's not at all the kiss of love,
But the kiss of the loafers and roamers,
The big bosses and the superstars
On the Jadavpur University campus


It's not the kiss of love,
The kiss of the leftists,
Communists loving
Under the banner of doing communism,

I am here to kiss the beauty
With the headscarf,
Be she Purdahwalli or Ghumtawalli,
Miss Undercover or Miss Curtained,

Locked in a kiss
On the roads
As they are not allowed to kiss
In the Jadavpur University premises,

Signature campaign,
Pen down strike,
Wearing of black badges,
Closed for sine die,

The Desire To Kiss A Burquawalli

The desire to kiss a Burquawalli,
A girl in the burqua,
Under the veil,
The desire,

Just For The Kiss Of A Foreigner Girl, Lie I In Wait

Just for the kiss of a foreigner girl, lie I in wait
And I shall go
Only after seeing the foreigner girl,
Only after kissing her.

On Which Side Of The Cheek Should I Kiss You, O Blonde!

An American blonde,
Beauty, beauty she glistening
In the golden sunshine,
Just like a balsam standing before,

Just For A Kiss Of Yours, Burquawalli

Just for a sweet kiss of yours,
Here lie I in wait,
Just for a glimpse of yours,

A Flower Is To See, Not To Kiss Or Smell

A flower is for to see, feel the warmth of,
Not to smell or kiss it,
A thing of joy for ever,
A dream unbelievable,

The Kiss Of The Sweetly-Scented Red Rose

Kissing a red rose,
Gave I my dreams to her
And turned she into a dreamgirl
And kept me on the track all the way

Just A Sweet Kiss

Just a kiss
want I from you,
a sweet kiss
on the cheeks of yours,

Having taken wine, I kissed the bar tender
At the ale shop,
Yea, the poor and humble bar tender
Who too had been drunk

Should I Kiss Her Or Not?

A beautiful girl standing before me
And I burning within,
What should I,
Should I kiss her or not?

It Was My First Kiss/ My Impression Of Hers

It was my first kiss
Interspersed with her sighs and sobs,
The red rose splashed with the dews.

It Was My First Kiss

The first kiss generally people do not tell about,
If you can't believe me, you may test others,
I guarantee you,
They won't