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I'm Contageous,
Anything But Flawless,
Don't You Want To Touch This?

I love the way my pen glides across the page,
Like a dancer drifts across a smooth stage.
The ink tells a long forgotten story,
Overflowing with blackened fury.

It's an extremely irrational fear,
That is just a bit hard to bare.
Embrace this happiness,
And face it fearless

Summertime, fields covered in snow.
How you confuse me so.
It's too much,
Increasing with every single touch.

Come, catch this disease
Kiss me with your infamous ease
I need to taste your heart in my mouth
Hear your stifled shout

I lay in bed and wonder
Night after night
If I'll ever fall under
And lose this never ending fight

I'm blessed with this heart,
But its been broken too many times.
Please don't tear me apart,
The rest of this body is mine.

Mommas a maid.
Daddys getting laid.
Brothers getting paid
From the houses he raids.

If contaminated.
(You are hated)
What if the contamination
Had faded?

Lets dress ugly up,
Make it fake,
Do what it will take.
Death becomes remarkable,

Baby- you have no idea the stories a pretty body can tell.
Strip it down, you'll practically hear the mutilations yell.
The scars, clear and defined, all scream and shout.
All the trapped, taunting spirits fighting to be let out.

Dont you touch,
This is enough.
It hurts everytime
I see you smile.

We are all parasites,
Living off love and strife.
Causing us to be pathetic
And our minds, interesting rhetoric.

Reality is what I see
And it's way too real for me.
Love and hate,
Baby- you're too late.

Kitti Manson Biography

I haven't been published or anything cool like that, I've just always loved writing. It started with rap music, I loved the way words just flowed together... interacting and intertwining with such ease and grace. It amazed me how simple letters grouped together can evoke such strong emotions in people. I guess you can say I'm an artist, but I'd say I'm more in love with art of all kinds. I've always had a tendency to voice my opinion in very detailed ways, even when I was a little kid, and I guess writing is just a way for me to do that in a more productive way. I hope you enjoy my writing, and I love constructive criticism. Have at it fellow poets.)

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I'M Contageous, Kiss Me.

I'm Contageous,
Anything But Flawless,
Don't You Want To Touch This?
Kiss This,
Feel This,
Hurt This,
Embrace This.
Kiss Me Again,
Make Me A Little Less Human.
Come On, Hit Me.
Make It Hurt.
Make My Vision Go Blurry.
Maybe Then I'll See,
How Everyone Else Sees Me.

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Gary Fellows 07 December 2008

Great Poetry Kitty. I like your 'from the heart' style and power it gives. I have rated a some of them 10 and especially like Rational Reasoning. All the best Gary Fellows

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