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Some call her Love
Others say naught
Some say divine
Others ask why?

A crafted piece of words with a bunch of emotions.
A Repertoire of litany in shrines and temples.
It's the mode of dirges to the dead and means of psalms to God.

Dreams of Gold in the chest of our brains
Are made to go in the quest of our gains
Some rust when the ores are old
Other thrive when the story is told.

Scar in my heart
Of pain, Of memories.
Memories we shared,
Memories unforgotten.

I felt a knife
Through my life
That's my past.

I built a life founded on sand
the wind will blow, will not stand
the future i sing
i live the sting

Behind the walls of doubt and the bars of fear
Beneath the sea of passion is the flame of love

Between the grip of obsession in the clouds of fantasies

I am picking up the pen like a wizard's wand
to cast the time we shared a forever song
that will wake us up every morning and that which will bid us farewell.

Still dream of you doing what we do best
Still think of you, will you ever come back
But now it's late

If only I can say something and go Scott free
Only if I can do something without any Pee
If I can just stare and not fall for you
Or touch and go no further

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What We Have

Some call her Love
Others say naught
Some say divine
Others ask why?

We share for all
And stand tall
Others stumble n always fall

Barred in her arms,
The deer roars the beast calms.
The charm of motherhood the secret of might
A touch invoke a god out of man
And descend God to man

The secret of eternity
Not selfish nor rude
But prudent and true.

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Depression is like a gradual loss of every colour of life; a dimming of every source of light till the host is left in the dark with rope on her neck or blood from her wrist.

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Kojo Bonney Popularity

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