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29 December 2014

When we close our eyes to sleep. We sleep to open our eyes to a dream. We wake up with a smile, knowing that we have seen a friend in our dream.

30 December 2014

There Was a Country in which the Half of a Yellow Sun shone on The Famished Road...

11 December 2015

11 December 2015

11 December 2015

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The Best Poem Of Kolade Seun

'Lost Tree'

Oh! What a cause to lament for;
the pollard has been cut off, the strong Iroko is now sore.
The polemics have been extra-ordinary in their new clone.
Oh! See what exility has done!
Oh! How true it turns out: the best way to enslave a tree is by deculturizing it from its root.
Oh! Now it thinks she has a new look...cute.

Let the tears flow,
black pride has gone low.
Polarized perspective about the soil.
Oh! How deculturized thy soul is...

How egalitarian does thou see thy fellow tree now?
No, they are too natural before thou.
They've not been through the same process as thou;
so they are so small...

How grown within the short time, has thou been wallowing in thy depth of egocentrism?

Oh! If thou eyes are full cos of this lost soul...
Prepare to let it flow!

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Kolade Seun Popularity

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