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When I am alone, No ones on my side
It feels like my life is just made up lies.
I want to crawl up in a corner because it feels like my life is over,
It makes me want to fall down because I'm dead inside

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heeyyylo there, my name is kortney, , usually called, korkie, or kore-kiss, , I'm 14 turning 15 in december, read my poems and tell me watchya think plllz&&Fankzyou)

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When your gone so many colors fade to black and white,
When I see you laying there it don't feel right,
not moving and not getting up to say good morning,
I knew you loved me, I know where you are rowing down my tears of sadness you sail aboard because you got up there and jesus said your not late as you stood by the gates as they were opening, as I said good bye as I stood there and cried.

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